The Diary of the Imploding Hippocampus

Let me bring you to a place that will always be my home. It’s dark and bright, a place I’ve never been but is always with me. I’ll paint you the picture of my soul, a memory lost adrift in the chaos of existence.
Clear twinkling sunlight broke through the curtains. The rays danced along the pale grey walls. Winter air was brisk hugging my cold red nose. I walked through and to the kitchen where the smell of coffee welcomed me from up the hall. After drowning the espresso in milk and sugar I held the warm cup close in both my hands while letting the steam hug my face.
The morning was still a moment frozen in time, a picture to paint and hearts to inspire. I sat on the corner edge of the sectional couch. Weapons equipped; mummy wrapped in a pile of blankets, laptop in position… I wrote. My soul poured into each sentence, a world that lingered beyond my fingertips. The years of anguish filled my pages and fueled the inspiration for the blind conveyed through the mute. Then the storm came, it raged; devastating the soul and running the reservoir dry, a shadow of its former self the words became few and far between. A distant memory I vaguely remember in adolescents. A dream once forgotten and reluctantly remembered; The diary of the Imploding Hippocampus.
A reality that never existed but a daydream so fondly visited. An inspiration that stayed in my head, few stores repeatedly all clogged internally. My overpowering anxiety locked my words for years. Each moment it slipped an onslaught of judgment tortured my heart, further trapping the genuine self oh so recently forgotten.
You’ll soon realize my diary posts are vague, metaphorical possibly confusing but that’s alright, they’re my internal expressions. I’m sharing my soul with those who take the time to feel it through my words. Maybe some will feel solace in my words and remind those that were all human, imperfectly perfect. We suffer, experience love and grow in a cruel chaotic existence, we share this world so here I am sharing my feelings.

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