The Grand Poke-Adventure

Buckets full of cards safely nuzzled into their plastic protectors, binders thick, filled to the brim of holographic treasure. 151 plush toys lived among the shelves around the room. Inspired and captivated; to be the very best was instilled in me when I was but 4 years old. I spent my whole adolescent mind exploring Kanto, adventuring through Johto, I traveled across time and theater seats, the Ancient ones have been with me every day of my life. The story grew as my own unfolded, an obsession, a community, the Pokemon Fandom. 

Ash showed me, despite hard work and drive to be the best sometimes you won’t be, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Be the best for yourself, not others; be the best version of yourself for yourself but never let the fear of failing keep you from trying. Fate is a finicky thing, set in stone but so easily manipulated, actions ripple through time, an ever-changing vast Unknown.

I’m sure my parents never expected me to be so consumed by a fictional world, but they were less than surprised when they saw my first tattoo: a magical Mew surrounded by dancing bubbles, placed at the top of my spine; I’ll always have Mew on the mind. A character that personifies my inner child; innocent, loving unstoppable, an ever-changing chameleon of purity. 

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