124 West Athletic Clothing Reimagined

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Making the first steps into fitness can be an anxiety-filled decision many around the world struggle through. Having the want to take the first steps in becoming physically strong and active. Though that initial path is usually clouded with insecurity and nervousness for a multitude of reasons. When first getting into fitness of any kind athletic wear is usually a given, an afterthought, just the norm. Not only is athletic wear a helpful factor in most types of exercise it provides a huge confidence boost. Clothing is an important piece of society and many express personalities through their clothing styles. It’s a daunting reality being an individual on the thicker side of the spectrum when it comes to shopping for comfortable, practical and cute clothing. This is especially so when looking for plus size athletic wear, the options are scarce and flavorless. When a friend of mine shared 124 West’s IndieGOGO campaign with me; a glimmer of hope and excitement washed over me. I was so enthralled to see a local entrepreneur making such a huge impact in many ways. Cute clothes with vibrant designs that are not only stunning to look at but clothing that is fun to wear too. Nothing is more discouraging than trying to exercise but being limited in movement due to clothing that wasn’t designed for bigger body types. 124 West provides a wide spectrum of clothing sizes; ensuring inclusivity for all body types but it doesn’t stop there. 124 West is working hard to lessen the ever-growing human footprint on the planet. With each sale 10% proceeds go to campaigns dedicated to ocean clean up. This is just scraping the top of this iceberg be sure to dive into this wonderful company to “sea” how they’re making a difference in more ways than one.

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