Cosplay Interview: Izzy Saeko

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The term “Cosplay” entered the scene in the late ’30s evolving through time to what we see today. People from all over the world have spent the past couple of decades creating and enjoying the freedom of expression that cosplaying creates. What started out as simply dressing up in costumes has developed and unfolded into not only a ¬†lifestyle but a family for so many worldwide. Cosplay is used by so many as a tool of expression and means a variety of things, though each persons opinion on cosplay varies slightly most encompass the same love and passion as the next. To some, it’s a job to others a hobby and to most, just a fun experience to be different. As Izzy conveyed “Cosplay is a way of self-expression. To show your love for a character or series in a really fun and cool way. Not only is the costuming part fun, but the set building, the shoots and of course the conventions. Its a method of release but can also be VERY stressful.”

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