Mental Health Awareness: Lita Kino

Trigger Warning: This article/blog post contains information and discussion on mental health which may be triggering to some.

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One in four people around the world are affected by mental illness; that’s an estimated 1.1 billion people worldwide. Mental illness occurs in a kaleidoscope of ways. For some it manifests as depression or anxiety, others it takes the form of autism, eating disorders, schizophrenia or substance abuse. Mental health has reached an epidemic level, affecting people of all ages, location and wealth and yet little has been done to address the causes and resolve the effects; not to mention many can’t afford most treatment options that are available. Living day to day with any form of mental illness has become a “custom”. People find their own ways to manage, some seek peer to peer help and comfort from those who also suffer from similar “issues”. Ultimately mental health has a long way to go before many can feel some sense of normality in their days. There are millions of unheard stories from individuals all around the world. Stories that can bring both insight into the daily life that some sufferers experience and a sense of relatability when finding out someone else experiences the same struggles or triggers. When we share our stories and our quirky ways of dealing with the stress it can help others who are searching for advice but are to afraid to ask. They discover new ways to manage their mental health through the experiences of others. 

The topic of mental health is a sensitive subject to bring up, some will attempt to avoid the topic altogether; I believe in sharing experiences both the ugly and positive moments; normalizing Mental Health in hopes that less people feel ashamed of something that affects so many around the world. The topic is considered taboo, uneasiness is experienced when the subject is brought up because up until recently mental health has been looked down on through poor representation of the issue through media, jobs even by some healthcare professionals. Though it may be difficult to talk about, communication has been known to help many; be it consulting a professional or just finding solace in the community. Today’s blog post covers a little bit of both the good and the bad but it shares the experiences of a wonderful blogger Lita Kino of KinoReviews that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through Twitter. Feel free to check out her blog and Youtube, guaranteed to bring some smiles your way. 

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