Sakura Con 2019 CMV Sakura Con weekend was an absolute blast and I had a wonderful time meeting so many new and amazing cosplayers! This is the first of many CMVs to come and I can't wait to continue to share my adventures through anime convs of the future! Let me know what you think, feedback is greatly... Continue Reading →

Cosplay Interview: Queen Of Birbs

One can watch a show or movie and enjoy it and never have a second thought about it; or spend the rest of their lives obsessed, devoted and embody those fictional stories and personify the characters into reality. The life of a cosplayer is built on passion, sweat, tears, laughs and sometimes blood ( those pesky needles.) Cosplaying is a community, a fandom and a lifestyle. Some more die-hard than others; a global community that comes together to enjoy their passions together across all spectrums.

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I've made a WordPress for a few reasons, mainly because I follow some ani-blogs on WordPress but I'm not very savvy in the technical side of their website/blog design, SO I've moved to where my creativity has more room to express itself.  If you enjoy my content please check out my website for all my blog... Continue Reading →

The Grand Poke-Adventure

Buckets full of cards safely nuzzled into their plastic protectors, binders thick, filled to the brim of holographic treasure. 151 plush toys lived among the shelves around the room. Inspired and captivated; to be the very best was instilled in me when I was but 4 years old. I spent my whole adolescent mind exploring... Continue Reading →

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