Good For You – THBD (Adventure In Vancouver)

I went to Vancouver over 3 years ago.


YouTube: Who Let the Dogs out

A video I made a few years ago, a puppy I miss a dog i'll always remember and cherish.

124 West Athletic Clothing Reimagined

To read the full article, please check out my website where I post all my up to date content. Making the first steps into fitness can be an anxiety-filled decision many around the world struggle through. Having the want to take the first steps in becoming physically strong and active. Though that initial path is... Continue Reading →

Cosplay Interview: Queen Of Birbs

One can watch a show or movie and enjoy it and never have a second thought about it; or spend the rest of their lives obsessed, devoted and embody those fictional stories and personify the characters into reality. The life of a cosplayer is built on passion, sweat, tears, laughs and sometimes blood ( those pesky needles.) Cosplaying is a community, a fandom and a lifestyle. Some more die-hard than others; a global community that comes together to enjoy their passions together across all spectrums.

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