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I've made a WordPress for a few reasons, mainly because I follow some ani-blogs on WordPress but I'm not very savvy in the technical side of their website/blog design, SO I've moved to where my creativity has more room to express itself.  If you enjoy my content please check out my website for all my blog... Continue Reading →

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Cosplay Interview: Queen Of Birbs

One can watch a show or movie and enjoy it and never have a second thought about it; or spend the rest of their lives obsessed, devoted and embody those fictional stories and personify the characters into reality. The life of a cosplayer is built on passion, sweat, tears, laughs and sometimes blood ( those pesky needles.) Cosplaying is a community, a fandom and a lifestyle. Some more die-hard than others; a global community that comes together to enjoy their passions together across all spectrums.

The Grand Poke-Adventure

Buckets full of cards safely nuzzled into their plastic protectors, binders thick, filled to the brim of holographic treasure. 151 plush toys lived among the shelves around the room. Inspired and captivated; to be the very best was instilled in me when I was but 4 years old. I spent my whole adolescent mind exploring... Continue Reading →

Yandere Queen (Runner Up)

    Click here to check out my website for all updated content.  Disclaimer: This article requires an understanding of the premise for both Dangoranpanga and Mirai Nikki; many points made reference content from both series.  Let's start by clarifying who the queen of Yandere is. This is hands down without a doubt, the undefeated champion, Yuno... Continue Reading →

The Inspiration of Sound

 Click here to check out my website for all updated content. The vibrations dance along the path of our ear canal, translating the story of the soul into sounds and words. Music will always inspire; interpretation is felt, creating aw inducing feelings leaving the victims in a state of trance. Music is the gateway drug... Continue Reading →

Who Needs Best Friends Anyway…

Please visit my website for a better experience. Now the title of this article may appear a tad bit misleading, but it's not.... kinda, keep reading and all your questions will have answers. Bringing this subject up is tough for me to divulge into but that's why I started my blog. To jump into the depths... Continue Reading →

The Emptiness Inside

PSA: I will take this moment to express that I've been battling severe depression most of my life. Depressions strong grasp caught me in adolescence beginning around 5th grade. I fall in and out of ruts like anyone, some more difficult than others but I've always made my way out; sometimes with my own strength or with... Continue Reading →

First anime review

Anime review: Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! Holly shit, I got off of Tumblr and started writing. First steps are always difficult even if the topic is something I'm incredibly passionate about ANIME, so I'll cut to the chase. Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! I... Continue Reading →

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